Stem Cell Therapy Hollywood

Dr. Escobar -  is able to provide stem cell therapy for suitable candidates at all of his pain management clinic locations. Stem cell therapy has many benefits for the right candidates, including pain relief. Please see below for more information about stem cell therapy in Hollywood, Aventura, Pembroke Pines and the surrounding area.

Stem cell therapy – a form of cellular therapy as described by the American Medical Association – is a form of treatment which uses stem cells to treat or prevent a condition. Forms of stem cell therapy have been used for over 30 years, for example the use of bone marrow transplants for cancer patients with leukaemia. Stem cell therapy is now used for several other conditions, including acute and chronic inflammation (and the prevention of), treating pain, regeneration of tissue, among others. Several studies – as cited by this article – state that stem cell treatment has reduced pain in over 50% of patients, which is one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular.

Suitable patients can request stem cell therapy in Hollywood, Aventura, Pembroke Pines or any of the surrounding areas. Depending on your specific circumstances and condition, stem cell therapy can be a good option for any of the following:

The Prevention of Chronic Inflammation

Following an injury which causes inflammation – for which the use of anti-inflammatory medication Inflammation has had no effect – steroid injections may be a suitable option, because leaving chronic inflammation to continue is not advised.

Acute Inflammation

After acute trauma the body’s natural reaction is inflammation. The body naturally produces antibodies and specialized cells, such as Macrophages, Platelets, and Stem Cells, which are attracted to the area of injury. Most of the time repair and healing is the result of this complex process. Injecting additional stem cells – known as stem cell therapy – may expedite this process, thus increasing healing time and reducing pain.

Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation which continues for a prolonged period of time is known as chronic inflammation. Chronic ligament pain, tendinopathies, tendinosis, and chronic joint inflammation are common examples of this. Dr. Escobar can evaluate your injury to assess if stem cell therapy is a good option for your specific condition and circumstances.

Regeneration of body tissue

One of the benefits of stem cell therapy is tissue regeneration. Stem cell therapy can help the body to increase the types of cells which promote healing, therefore expediting recovery and reducing pain. For this reason, stem cell therapy is often quite popular in the treatment of injured joints where tissue has been damaged, as stem cell therapy promotes the body’s natural healing process.

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