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March 30, 2020
Why Posture is Crucial in Managing Back Pain

As a child, were you constantly reminded by your mother to stand or sit upright and maintain a good posture? Did she nag you to stop slouching? Maintaining a good posture is a vital habit and being asked to do so is valuable advice, but many fail to heed this when it should be quite […]

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March 23, 2020
Why Do We Feel Pain? The Physiology and Psychology of Pain

A throbbing headache, a pulled muscle on the shoulders, an accidental hand burn, an upset stomach -- these deliver pain responses that help the brain communicate a threat or danger. You'd be wrong to think that life is much better without these pain responses. Feeling the pain is important to protect you from further hurting […]

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February 1, 2020
How to Manage Arthritis Pain in This Cold Weather

The cooling temperature might bring relief and comfort, but not for those who suffer from arthritis pain. Regardless of what type you have, arthritis pain tends to get worse as the temperature dips lower.  Dr. Escobar, a pain management specialist in Pembroke Pines, has shared some easy-to-follow tips to manage arthritis pain when the weather […]

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January 26, 2020
Why Chronic Pain Patients Are at Risk For Drug Dependence

For those saddled with chronic pain, a reliance on medication can be part of life. However, experts in our pain clinic in Minneapolis warn that this reliance comes with a risk of drug dependence.  Suffering from pain that won't go away might not seem like a life-threatening medical issue, but chronic pain is a growing […]

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December 30, 2019
Tips to Avoid Car Accidents This Christmas Holidays

Christmas Day might be the time for merrymaking but it's also the most dangerous time for road accidents, according to the National Safety Council. Because people are in a celebratory mood and consuming alcohol, the risk of car accidents is higher during this holiday season. Over the last five years, car accident fatalities average 300 […]

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December 16, 2019
Ease Pain and Avoid Spinal Stenosis Complications Through PRP

Living with spinal stenosis can be a struggle, especially if you frequently experience back pain and discomfort that prevent you from walking and doing your usual activities. When you have spinal stenosis, the spaces within your backbone that house the spinal cord become compressed and narrow, thus putting pressure on the nerve roots that run […]

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November 26, 2019
Why You Shouldn't Take Lumbar Facet Joint Pain For Granted

The knee cartilage is not the only one that may suffer from wear and tear. Just like any other joints, the ones located between the spinal vertebrae are not exempt from degenerative changes brought about by factors similar to those that cause osteoarthritis. These factors include: Old age Injury Repetitive movements Obesity Experts in pain […]

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November 26, 2019
Say Goodbye to Tendinosis Through PRP

The swelling of the tendons, or these masses of thick and fibrous tissues that support and attach the muscles to the joints, is known as tendinosis. It is a chronic condition that usually occurs in the wrist, elbows, shoulders, knees (patellar tendon), and the heels (Achilles tendon). Tendinosis is often confused with tendonitis because the […]

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November 11, 2019
Sacroiliac Joint Pain: Everything You Need to Know

Sacroiliac joint pain is an important cause of chronic lower back pain. In fact, a study published in Med Devices (Auckl) has revealed that 14-22% of patients who complain of lower back pain are diagnosed with SI joint pain. This means that this condition affects approximately 10 million adults in the United States alone. SI […]

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October 29, 2019
What is Neuropathic Pain and How to Manage It?

Neuropathic pain happens when there is damage or injury to the nerves, or a disease affecting the transmission of information from the brain to the skin, the muscles and the rest of the body. The pain may feel like numbness, soreness, pins and needles, a burning sensation, or excruciating at even the slightest pressure. If […]

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