How Pain Affects Your Immune System

Pain is like the body's warning system. If you're experiencing pain, this means that your brain has triggered an alarm in your nervous system that helps your body fight off threats, like a virus, an infection, or an inflammation. 

Ordinarily, the pain goes away within a short period. But if your body is always on alert to fight against threats, then it can eventually harm your immune system. In this time of a pandemic, you can’t afford to have a poor immune system.

The best way to avoid this is by treating the cause of the pain itself. At our Pain Care Specialist Aventura pain management clinic, we use stem cell therapy and other forms of regenerative medicine to treat chronic or recurring pain that no longer responds to conventional treatments. You may contact us if you have any questions.

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Pain Increases Cortisol Levels

Persistent pain that has been going on for weeks or even months may raise the body's cortisol levels or stress hormone. The body needs cortisol to maintain blood glucose levels and prevent nerve damage that's normally associated with inflammation, according to a study published in the Physical Therapy journal. But when this level is elevated for an extended time, then it can impair the cells that are essential to the immune system. 

Stress hormones can suppress or break down the immune system's function. As a result, your body will be unable to fight against infections, like viruses or bacteria, and you won't be able to achieve long-term healing. According to a study in the journal Trends in Neurosciences, pain may also speed up the growth of cancer cells because the body's immune system is low. 

Limiting the Effect of Pain to the Immune System

Doctors in our Aventura pain management clinic always advise their patients to get rid of their stressors. If you're always in pain, you must do what you can to control your body's response to stress so your cortisol levels won't shoot up.

Apart from taking pain relief medications, you can take your mind off the stress of dealing with chronic pain with breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or seeking the help of a therapist. It might also help to become physically active or indulge in a relaxing hobby. Connecting to people digitally might improve your mood and decrease your stress levels as well. However, it's time to unplug if the digital world becomes toxic. Most of all, achieve optimal sleep every night and eat well to boost your immune system.

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