Pain Management Clinic Pembroke Pines

Appointment at Our Pain Management Clinic in Pembroke Pines - What to expect? 

During your first visit, you will have a full assessment with a doctor from the pain management team. Appointments normally last around 30 minutes.

The doctor will inquire about the origin and development of your pain, ask about previous interventions and treatments, and will assess your current level of pain. You need to openly share what the effect of the pain is on your daily activities, work, sleep and emotional well-being. Do not be afraid to answer the doctor’s questions honestly - in fact, only honesty will help the doctor properly diagnose and treat the root cause of the pain. It is also important to tell the medical staff about any other health issues you have and what medication you use.

Sometimes, the source of pain can be diagnosed right away. In this case, different treatment options or plans will be discussed with you at your appointment. In some cases, the source of pain cannot be determined from the interview alone, and you may require additional physical examination or scans before a diagnosis is made.

Five tips for a successful appointment with a pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines

  1. Please ensure you arrive on time. This will guarantee you doctor has the full time to devote to you to conduct a comprehensive assessment
  2. Bring a list of medications you currently take or the medications themselves
  3. If you have any scans, reports or charts from previous clinics or hospitals, please bring them with you
  4. If you require any special treatment, let us know ahead of time
  5. When you arrive, it is likely you will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your visit with the doctor. Please be honest with your answers and do not hesitate to ask the clinic staff if you have any questions

What happens after your first appointment with a pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines

The next step depends on the results of the assessment. If a treatment can already be recommended, we will schedule it with you and our admissions team. If further checks, examinations or assessments are recommended, you will need to make another appointment.

If you have been prescribed any new medications, you will usually need to make a follow-up appointment to check its efficacy, either at the clinic or via phone.

If our team determines that your condition is not suitable for treatment in our pain management clinic Pembroke Pines, you may be referred to a different clinic.

For patients requiring a pain management doctor, we have three convenient locations in South Florida:
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Opening hours: 

Pain Management Clinic Aventura:   Mondays only 8:30am to 12:30 

Pain Management Clinic Pembroke Pines:   Wednesdays only 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Pain Management Clinic Hollywood:   Mondays to Fridays 8:30am - 5:00 pm