Stem cell therapy: the new hope for tennis elbow patients

Many people suffering from a lingering and recurring elbow pain do not respond to the conservative, non-invasive treatments such as resting, icing, or anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. For some of those patients, even massage, PT, acupuncture or cortisone injections don’t bring relief for long. These patients were told that what was left for them was surgery. They are now looking for alternatives. 

If you are one of these patients or know someone who is, this blog post is for you!

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What is tennis elbow? 

A condition referred to as “tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis is a type of severe elbow tendonitis - inflammation, soreness and pain near the elbow (the outside part of the upper arm). It is most often caused by a partial tear in the tendon which connects muscle to the bone. Symptoms usually include elbow pain that gradually worsens and radiates outside of the elbow to the forearm and to the back of the hand.

Despite its name, this condition does not only affect tennis players. In fact, many of the patients that have been diagnosed with tennis elbow and suffer from its symptoms have never played tennis in their life! At Pain Care Specialists of Florida we often diagnose office workers, golfers, carpenters, landscapers, musicians, and others, with severe elbow tendonitis. 

Alternatives to surgery: PRP in Hollywood, FL and stem cell therapy in Hollywood, FL 

Surgical interventions for elbow pain are associated with risks of infection, tissue damage or nerve injury and inevitably lead to considerable downtime (often followed by a need for physical therapy). 

Steroid injections can reduce inflammation in the injury site, however, in the aftermath of the procedure, cells at the site of injection sometimes degenerate, which over time leads to a significant worsening of the condition.

For many of our patients with chronic elbow problems, regenerative medicine procedures, such as stem cell therapy or PRP therapy turned out to be effective and reliable in helping to heal tennis elbow and avoid surgery.

During stem cell therapy or PRP therapy treatments high-doses of stem cells or platelets are placed directly where they are needed - in a specific joint structure. These injected cells work in the site of the injury and grow into new, healthy tissue. 

When the damaged tissue is regenerated, pain decreases and elbow functions are restored without the need for surgery. 

Find out if PRP or stem cell therapy will help with your pain

Regenerative medicine modalities, such as PRP and stem cell therapy, should not be treated as a panacea for every pain. Its efficacy varies depending on the injury and a careful clinical evaluation is needed to provide the best assessment and predict the outcomes. 

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