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4 Effective & Natural Ways to Deal with Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Have you ever woken up with a throbbing pain in your lower back and limbs? Or have you ever felt a nagging pain that radiated from your lower back all the way to your buttocks that wouldn’t go away? If the answer is yes, then most likely you suffer from sciatica. In the simplest of terms, sciatica is pain that spreads along the path of the longest nerve in your body – the sciatic nerve. The good news is that you don’t have to agonize in pain because sciatica can be treated. In today’s article, you will find out what are the simple, natural remedies for this condition, as well as what are the most common causes of sciatica.

What are the causes of sciatica and how to treat it?

There are multiple causes of sciatica; however, some of them are more common than others. In most cases sciatica is a result of a disk disorder, such as a herniated disk (when a spinal disk which presses directly against the nerve root and causes irritation) or degenerative disc disorder (when a spinal disk gets weakened, allowing vertebral bones above and below the disc to shift out of position). It may also be caused by spinal stenosis where the spinal canal starts to narrow and this narrowing creates pressure against the nerve roots. The treatment greatly depends on the cause of the condition. At our Pain Clinic in Hollywood, we diagnose which nerve roots are affected, and what treatment should be implemented accordingly. Nevertheless, there are many natural and effective ways to deal with the sciatic pain before a surgery, such as spinal injections or any opioids that are necessary.

1.  Stretching and yoga

Yoga and stretching have proven to help with different kinds of back pain. They are also beneficial for patients who suffer from sciatica. You can easily practice in the comfort of your home in front of your TV, or if you like socializing with other people, you could consider joining a yoga class. There are many yoga poses targeting the spine which reduce stiffness, pain, and inflammation, as well as improve flexibility. Among the most effective ones are: the bridge pose (strengthens the lower back), pigeon pose (relieves tension in the entire back) and press ups (decompresses the spine). People practicing yoga very often claim that it has helped them develop a habit of keeping a good posture and avoiding movements that aggravate their sciatic pain.

2.  Acupuncture

At some point in your life you must have heard about acupuncture, but for many of us it remains in our minds as “that thing which involves needles”! Acupuncture stems from traditional Chinese medicine and it’s a form of alternative medicine focusing on stimulating particular parts of the body to help treat various health conditions. It uses needles which are placed along the painful area. They are so tiny that it doesn’t hurt when they are inserted into the skin. Acupuncture may help with sciatica by targeting the sciatic nerve and regulating the blood flow and relaxing the muscles along the pathway of the pain in the buttock, leg, etc.

3.  Massage therapy

Some people don’t realize that after long hours of driving or sitting in the same position while in front of the computer their lower back muscles may become tense and put stress on the nerve roots, which leads to sciatica. Massage therapy helps to ease the sciatic pain by loosening the tension in those muscles. It may require a few massage sessions before the tightness completely goes away, but its effects will last for at least a couple of months. At our pain clinic in Hollywood we will help you identify the conditions that caused your sciatica in order to enable you to avoid them in the future.

4.  Heating pads

One of the cheapest remedies that can help you with your sciatic pain is a heating pad. It should be placed over the lower back at least once per day for about 15-20 minutes. The heating is supposed to be warm, never hot as it might burn the skin. The heat coming from the pad will relax the muscles and soothe the pain as well as reduce the compression which is causing the sciatica.

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