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Driving with chronic disabilities

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Driving a car is, in most cases, a right and a possibility for everyone. It can, however, be a privilege for people with chronic disabilities. Those who can drive are still at a higher risk of being in a crash. It does not mean that such people should switch to buses, however increased safety measures should be obtained and followed constantly.   

Dr. Escobar, car accident doctor in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, discusses the most common disabilities that may have a direct impact on driving safety.

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Visual impairment

That is common knowledge that every state requires an eye check in order to get a driving license. Your visual acuity should be 20/40 or better and a lateral visual field width should be 140–160 degrees. While it’s relatively easy to correct your vision with glasses or lenses, other factors play an equally important role when it comes to driving. Your ability to perceive colors, contrasts, adopt to darkness and bright lights and to evaluate the distance and depth are crucial if you want to drive, say car accident doctor in Hollywood. One, for example, can have perfect vision during the day, however, might be unable to see clearly at night - a condition called night blindness. If you experience problems with the above factors, contact your doctor immediately and do not put your health and life at risk.

In most states a vision check is required every 5 years. Car accident doctor Pembroke Pines suggests, however, to be more conscious about it and perform a regular check up if:

  • Your work involves your eyes being focused and stressed for a long period of time. Working at the computer for example, or in a poorly lit environment can cause vision damage faster than you may expect it.
  • Your are above 40. Eye lenses may lose their ability to focus with age, especially with close objects. A condition known as presbyopia continues progressing with time.
  • You have experienced an eye trauma or eye surgery before. Even if your condition was treated and cured, you may want to have regular check ups to see if your eyes are not getting worse, as it often happens after major interventions to eye structure.

A regular checkup will also reveal such serious conditions as glaucoma or  cataracts.

Hearing loss

While vision is crucial for safe driving, you also need to make sure your hearing is fine. Traffic noises and horns may indicate danger on the road, so it is important you hear them.


Every state has regulations about driving for people with seizure disorders. Usually, the person is required to have 6 consecutive months without a seizure episode. Fortunately, medications available on the market nowadays help a lot of people to meet this condition. Consult your doctor in any case prior to starting to drive.


Patients with type 1 diabetes may be of higher crash risk, however people with more common type 2 diabetes are not, even if they use insulin. However, if you have this condition, you should always try to control your blood sugar level, especially while driving. Car accident doctor Pembroke Pines encourages to keep some candy or other snacks available in your car for unexpected occasions of sugar drop.


One of the biggest challenges for people with arthritis is driving. Turning the neck, gripping the wheel, changing gears all may seem easy for a healthy person, but not necessarily for the one with the condition. If your medication, physical and occupational therapy or other treatments help to reduce the pain and control your movement, you should not be restricted from driving.

Cognitive impairment

This one is serious. A decline in such cognitive abilities like memory, directional skills, judgement is very troublesome and requires an immediate doctor’s intervention, says car accident doctor in Hollywood.

Dementia or other cognitive impairments are mostly present within the elderly population. Immediate prohibition of driving is simply a single dimensional solution to a multidimensional problem. Older people need access to vehicles/cars/transport as they need to preserve their energy for other necessary every day tasks, like self-care and self-help and driving also gives them better ability to respond to emergencies. It is crucial, though, to evaluate person’s abilities properly and observe the progress of the disease, as often the question is not whether the driver should stop driving, but when one should.

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