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Hollywood Pain Management: Does all pain come from a physical injury?

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Even though we don’t like it, our bodies have a significant communication tool - pain. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you touched a hot kettle with boiling water and you wouldn’t feel the burning sensation? Or if you stepped on a broken glass and wouldn’t experience the severe pain piercing through your foot? Those examples make it obvious that the main purpose of pain is to make us do something to protect our bodies and alert us of any danger. However, not all pain comes from physical injury. Has it ever crossed your mind to what extent your brain controls your pain? In this article, you will find out what role does your brain play in the process of feeling pain as well as how our Hollywood pain management doctor will help you dealing with chronic pain.

There is no pain without brain

Undoubtedly, it’s our brain which decides whether a particular sensation is painful or not. What initially starts the pain is tissue damage. When this happens, nerve endings send a signal to the brain which will then evaluate this information. This process is very complex and involves the areas of the brain responsible for emotions, memories, and stored knowledge. Nevertheless, can we really say that pain is invariably caused by an injured part of our body? The best example showing that it’s not always the case is the phantom limb pain. It occurs when the person whose arm or leg was amputated still feels pain in the limb that has been removed and no longer exists.

Is it possible to experience pain without an injury?

Chronic pain is defined by many pain management physicians as any pain that last for at least three months. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, over 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain. There are many different types of chronic pain and surprisingly, one of them has nothing to do with nerve or tissue damage. It’s psychogenic pain and it’s been proven that a pain can occur even though the body hasn’t been harmed. The best example is a well-publicized case of a British construction worker who fell from scaffolding and was impaled by a large nail which went through his boot. The man was in excruciating pain and required IV pain medication and sedation. What was so unusual about his case is the fact that after arriving at the hospital and removing the boot, it turned out that the nail had lodged between his toes, without touching his foot1. Although his injury was not real, the pain definitely was. How was that even possible? The answer lies in the way the subconscious parts of the brain activate the alarm or danger signal. Sometimes an injury may take place without any pain, or quite the opposite, the pain may occur regardless of the lack of any bodily damage.

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If you suffer from any type of chronic pain which impedes your physical and emotional well-being and decreases the quality of your life, it is crucial for you to find the best pain management physician that will help you relieve your pain. Don’t let the pain ruin your life - simply visit one of our pain management practices located in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and Aventura. Our Pain Care Specialists of Florida team is dedicated to help you deal with a chronic pain. Don’t let it prevent you from enjoying your life and contact us today or visit our website! Our Medical Director, Luis Escobar, MD is looking forward to meeting you!



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