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Pain Clinic in Hollywood – The 4 most painful health conditions: Part 2

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Pain is undoubtedly a fundamental part of our lives. Even though it’s an unpleasant sensation, it is a protective mechanism that helps us to survive. Nevertheless, despite its crucial role for our existence, pain can be sometimes real torture. Today, as a continuation of our previous article, we will discuss the four most painful health conditions that some of the patients at our Pain Clinic in Hollywood suffer from.

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  1. Postherpetic Neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgia is a condition that occurs in older people as a complication after a shingles infection. Patients usually experience burning pain and unusual sensitivity to touch even after the rash and blisters are gone. What causes postherpetic neuralgia? You may be surprised, but it starts from chicken pox. People who have gone through this disease have the virus present in their system for the rest of their life. It may sometimes be reactivated, causing shingles. The reactivated virus may trigger the damage or alteration of the nerve fibers, which makes people hurt for weeks or months.1

   2. Sciatica

Sciatica is very frequently the reason why patients visit our pain clinic in Hollywood. Often, sciatica results from a disc disorder, like a herniated disc or degenerative disc disorder, but it may also be caused by spinal stenosis, where the spinal canal starts to narrow. This narrowing creates pressure against the nerve roots. The pain radiates down the leg following the path of sciatic nerve. People describe it as burning, tingling, and sometimes sharp. In some cases, this condition requires a surgical solution, such as spinal injections; however, there are many natural and effective ways to deal with sciatic pain before any procedures.  

   3. Kidney Stones

If you have ever spoken with a person who had kidney stones at some point in their lives, they have definitely have told you that this condition has the power to bring people to their knees. The pain is caused by small, sharp masses of calcium that block the urine flow, which leads to kidney swelling. Passing kidney stones through the ureter and bladder can be extremely painful. Patients usually experience discomfort on the side of their abdomen or groin. The good news is that this condition doesn’t damage the kidneys, though it requires taking painkillers and drinking plenty of water to speed up the process of removing the stones from the system. In some cases, a change of diet is also recommended to avoid this health issue reoccurring in the future.  


Fibromyalgia is a chronic medical condition that causes fatigue and pain which spreads all over the body. Unfortunately, the exact causes of fibromyalgia remain unknown; it affects people of different ages, ethnicities and genders. People who suffer from it often experience paresthesia - a prickling, tingling, burning and/or a numbing sensation in different parts of the body; brain fog - a cognitive difficulty with focusing and recalling things; and dystonia – involuntary muscle spasms. Even though there are certain medications that can ease most of the symptoms, at our pain management clinic in Hollywood, we also recommend doing some exercises, managing stress, and even trying cognitive therapies.

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