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Tips to Avoid Car Accidents This Christmas Holidays

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Christmas Day might be the time for merrymaking but it's also the most dangerous time for road accidents, according to the National Safety Council. Because people are in a celebratory mood and consuming alcohol, the risk of car accidents is higher during this holiday season.

Over the last five years, car accident fatalities average 300 people every Christmas or New Year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Bearing these numbers in mind, our car accident doctor in Pembroke Pines shared some tips to raise awareness and potentially prevent you from becoming a part of these


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1. Observe a "don't drink and drive" policy.

The holidays aren’t an excuse to be drinking and driving. When you’re on the road, you're responsible for not just your safety but also for the safety of your family or the people in the car with you and the people you share the road with. You could still be liable for DUI (driving under the influence) if the police catch you and you will not get a pass from your responsibility even if it's Christmas.

If you know you could be drinking at the Christmas party, better ditch the car and take public transportation. You could also assign a companion as a designated driver as long as that person didn’t indulge in alcohol.

2. Be attentive while on the road.

Understandably, it will be a busy time as you coordinate party schedules or plans to go gift shopping with friends or family. If you're the driver, however, resist taking that call or answering that message until you're safely out of the car.

Our car accident doctor in Pembroke Pines has often had to treat patients who suffer resulting from injuries of distracted drivers. You have to focus all of your attention while at the wheel, especially on a busy road to avoid crashing, destroying property or hurting someone.

3. Keep your cool in this stressful season.

It's quite stressful around the holidays and for some people, this could mean being unable to control their road rage or aggressive driving. If you're feeling the stress, our perhaps it’s a good idea to pull over, count to ten, or listen to soothing music until you’re ready to drive in a controlled manner again.

4. Always aim to get a good number of sleep hours.

With different events to go to, aim to still get a good amount of sleep before you go driving. The lack of sleep may also cause immense physical and mental stress this Christmas and you won’t be able to stay alert and focused on the road.

See our auto accident doctor in Pembroke Pines after an accident

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